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Challenges build our strength

God won't make us face challenges unless we are strong enough to handle them. He know we can do it, but there are things we need to learn and master first, we keep on failing and the challenges are getting harder, this is because the way we are handling them are not all we have got, there is still more deep in there if you dig more, we are stronger than we seem or we even realize. He loves His people, He loves them asking Him to give them what they want. He knows us the most because He is the creator and the creator always values His creation and hear their gratitude with orayers, if we think this is cruel, then we are ignorant of God's Mercy and this is our fault for not learning more about Him, if we think we can't do it, then we don't know our inner strength and what we are capable of doing and if we were to object, disobey and refuse to accept the reality, then we are the losers; what is destined to happen will happen even if we don't accept that or believe it, so instead of taking the favors that are disguised in the form of challenges and upgrading ourselves, we will be losing everything of faith, God's favors, benefits and our souls, and the one who loses his faith and soul is a very very weak one. And we always refuse to be weak or stay on the seat of weakness.
Accept the challenges, embrace them and let build your strength and toughness and never never allow your negative feelings and thoughts to defeat you. You are valuable and worth being successful. You can do it, believe me, you are alive, you are strong and you will do it.

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