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Tony Robbins Quotes

The path to success is to lead a motivational life with no second thoughts of giving up. Growing much determination every single day without losing enthusiasm. Knowing that one knows nothing and opening the heart and the mind to all the experiences either bad or good ones. Determining that no matter what happens, there is always tomorrow with  new sunrise. Being sure that successful people went through a lot that we can not even imagine to be those successful persons we hear about. Never giving up hope is a basic because either we believe it or not, miracles happen every day.

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Beautiful Nature

When it's harder to endure, runaway into the embrace of nature..

There was nothing on this Earth that could defeat the nature of our world. The strong wind, the intensive rain and the warmest sun rays ever. Such strength is hiding a magic power of healing in the inside. The wind in a hot day that waters one dry heart, the rain drops falling onto a sad face with teary eyes that wash off all what hurts and the warmest sun rays that go through one cold and dull soul turning it into a living human being.