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Everything you dream of will happen

Yesterday I wanted to punish myself for failing again to start what I have to. Today I want to punish my negative thoughts of yesterday for discouraging my soul and denying my efforts. I was feeling bad that I denied every good thing I did before. Yesterday I was immersed in despair and pain, today I am developing positive thoughts. 

Between yesterday and today, nothing much happened, but only getting myself to heal. I'm not saying i'm fine again, but I am getting better. I'm saying that i'm simply not giving up.
A lot of things happened in the past couple of months. 
A lot of failing and a lot of failure stamps were stick on my life. I made all decisions, I made all efforts and I decided to make a choice knowing that I may be wrong, but I also had that dream in my mind; the dream of me going one step backward to be able to jump ten ones forward. I can see how difficult it is, but I can't seem to know a successful person with no failure records and backward steps. This is what I have been believing in. 

Well, sometimes I wait for that opinion of a person who know nothing telling me that everything you dream of will happen. You can do it and you are smart enough to persevere till the end.

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