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One story of mine

One day, I saw someone who had no friends. I thought this person had some sort of personality problems, but after I knew her I knew she is just innocent and direct when dealing with people around her. I kept wondering how come such a kind person has no friends!

Maybe she was just unfortunate or maybe any other reason I don't realize. That was about ten years ago, yea so long. Back then, I had more friends and I was happy and very satisfied having them. 

Now, friends got far and busy just like me. Time and life have kept us a bit far and distances are parting us. Now, at this moment, I need a friend, but what to do when I don't feel satisfied with personalities around me!

People are not on my likes, they lie, cheat and tattletale as much as they eat and drink. I refuse them, I just won't adapt with them.
Maybe this is a valid reason for staying with no friends, right?
There must be good and honest ones, they may appear soon again just like old times. 

Now I knew the answer of my ten years ago question.
Yea, it's s very normal to have no friends. Being alone is much better than having the wrong company. Wrong ones have the ability to exert all my efforts while trying to adapt and the scary thing is to be like them one day. The things I want to achieve in life are impossible to be done if I was to change my virtues and beliefs.

This story is like a lesson for me, I hope you find your own lesson in-between too. 

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