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Love Yourself

Love yourself, respect yourself, forgive yourself, encourage yourself, be true to yourself, listen to your inner self, don't let it down, don't underestimate it and always be on yourself's side; when it does the wrong thing, correct it and after doing the right thing, reward it.

People will do the same with you after seeing you do it for yourself. Make it better and they will treat it better.

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Beautiful Nature

When it's harder to endure, runaway into the embrace of nature..

There was nothing on this Earth that could defeat the nature of our world. The strong wind, the intensive rain and the warmest sun rays ever. Such strength is hiding a magic power of healing in the inside. The wind in a hot day that waters one dry heart, the rain drops falling onto a sad face with teary eyes that wash off all what hurts and the warmest sun rays that go through one cold and dull soul turning it into a living human being.