Stay motivated

A moment of motivation can change someone's life. A moment of despair can poison that one's life. So, fill your soul with motivation, then hope will always be by your side.

Why don't you love yourself a bit more?

Why don't you try a bit more, do a little more for you, think a bit more and get hurt a bit less?

Why are you trying hard to forget while you can do the the same effort in facing then deleting it all?

Why are trying hard to fit when it's much easier to find what fits you where else? It may be very close to you  and only needs a more vivid looks into the other direction, or may be very far which takes a journey of many years when you are going to meet persons who are making your life amazing through out this journey.

Why are you trying to change this flaws of your personality just because you won't accept them while they makes people around you adore you more and more and get you benefit.

Why are you trying to look perfect when you understand that a perfect person is not on this earth? While other people are enjoying their imperfection while trying to be good and better not perfect!

Why are you trying to punish yourself when you know you must be more lenient with it when other people are not? People make mistakes and GOD forgives.

Why are you trying to make your best friend the same version as you while you know that being similar to you will add troubles to your relations and not making them any better?

Why are you trying to escape from facing yourself and dealing with all above issues when you know that doing this will be of comfort and peace of mind to you?

Why do not you love yourself a bit more, treasure your feelings and help yourself when you are absolutely capable of doing this on your own?