Stay motivated

A moment of motivation can change someone's life. A moment of despair can poison that one's life. So, fill your soul with motivation, then hope will always be by your side.

Chase Your Dreams

                                                   Dream Big

Dream big, it won't cost you a thing. Start dreaming with shooting the moon, then you will be landing in between the stars. Dr.Seuss said that when you can't sleep while falling in love is because your reality is becoming sweeter than your dreams. The same with people who dream big, they can't sleep from the thrilling feelings over their sweet dreams, they fight their weakness and strengthen their determination until they make them true.

                                  Leave No Rooms For Regrets

As time goes on, you will be immersed into your goals and achieving your plans one after another. Remember to leave no rooms for regrets. When you start your big dream with determination and with good planning, then days and years will be added to your life with meaningful progress not the opposite. Then, ten years from now -which pass very quick- you will find yourself doing well with your achievements and there may be some losses. A few regrets, less disappointments and much satisfaction you will gain than those who live aimlessly without dreaming. This is what dreams reward those with scary ones, as when your dreams scare you, then you are on the right track.

                                                 Be A Dreamer

It's not bad to be called a dreamer, being a dreamer is much better than being timid over facts and givens. Those with dreams are richer than those with all facts. Dreaming is not only about setting the goal and planning it accurately, it's about falling in love and chasing the lover till the end of the world too. Motivation and passion will be the swords you will need to kill laziness and easily giving up. You dream of what makes you happy and to pursue happiness, you will forget anything else and just chasing your lovely dream. Then, be a dreamer please!

                                            Fight Your Fears

Remember that it won't be easy and won't be that sweet to work harder and make that impossible-sounded dreams coming true. You will find yourself wanting to give up thousands times and time, but remember that if it wasn't that hard it wouldn't have been that precious. Cherish your dreams and fight your fears, go on forward and never look back except when you are correcting your previous mistakes. Those who succeeded, we set them as examples before our eyes, they have failed times and times yet they never gave up. That's why they are now called successful persons.