Stay motivated

A moment of motivation can change someone's life. A moment of despair can poison that one's life. So, fill your soul with motivation, then hope will always be by your side.

A word of a life chapter's worth

It's actually one word that matters in anyone's life. One word can do a lot. When someone starts to say something, it's the beginning that matters which is a word.
One word can make someone happy all the day while another word can take someone's comfort for years!

This is true; think about it for a while and you will find it true. The word 'birth' when heard, a new hope seems to be born. It's happiness brought to that someone.
However, the word 'death' when heard, a horrible sadness will be engraved in someone's heart. In both cases it's only one word.

When you love someone, you only need to say the beautiful word of 'love' loud. It can mean the whole world, It draws a rainbow of happiness, security, excitement, anxious, relief, contentment and faith. The opposite to say that, the other word of 'hate' which has the ability to erase all the past and write the end of everything.

Choose your keyword when you know that it can be a life chapter's worth. Say the word that builds and try to swallow the other hurtful word. It's one word; once said, there's no way to take it back again. Even apologizes can't remove the traces of some hurting words.

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.”