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1 Litre Of Tears

She was a brave girl; she left us her memories, her thoughts and her courage facing this painful disease. Aya was a Japanese little girl with only 15 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare disease called Spinocerebellar Ataxia.

 It’s a progressive disease happens when the cerebellum in the brain deteriorates gradually making the patient unable to walk, speak, write, eat and finally leaves him bedridden. She was at a young age; she had her school, her activities and her life yet everything changed!

After she was first diagnosed with this disease, her life turned upside down, she was extremely sad and disappointed. She faced the society around her at a young age with this destructing disease, she had to face the stares of her friends at school, people while riding buses, and her neighbors. 
She faced people’s gossip about her and her family. Her life turned from peace and success to fear and insecurity.

Aya didn’t give in to this disease with all its hardships; she kept on fighting it with all her might. Her diaries were her weapon, she fought that much till the end to be able to at least hold her pen and write. she wrote and expressed every single detail in her life; how she felt, when she cried, what hurt her the most, what relieved her pain most, how scared she was, how her family and friends supported her, her life lessons and her advice to people suffer a crisis in their lives like her. She completed her schooling the much her health allowed her to. 

She did her best at each place she’d gone to. She went to handicapped school not to be a burden on her friends and teachers. She did her best there too. This wasn’t easy for her at her young age yet this tough disease made her willing and determined to survive stronger than steel that she didn’t give up until her last breath.

The diaries left us with is full of lessons and motivation to all who need to know they are still doing their best unlike Aya who did it despite her continuously deteriorating health. She published her own diaries in a book named “1 Litre Of Tears”, it’s about her life and struggle with her disease, it describes accurately how much pain she suffered and how much endurance she went through with her tears falling non-stop during her journey that lasted 10 years of suffering and patience. 

Kitō Aya had left life in 1988, she was then 25 years old.